Let's rhyme

Think of a couplet that rhymes :)

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  1. Jia Sheng Says:

    Jia Sheng is my name
    And eating is my fame

  2. Lincoln Chu Mesina Says:

    When you are happy and you know, shout Miss Lim! Miss Lim!

  3. Nur Shamemi Says:

    Alice started her own rock band
    In Wonderland!

    Shamemi :D

  4. priyanka Says:

    When will the wind blow
    When will the sun glow

  5. ΨZhengJieΨ™ Says:

    Where is the Pan?

    It's On the Fan!!!

  6. Lincoln Chu Mesina Says:

    Dazzling baby, nothing much
    Sparkling darling, something such

    LOL? O.o

  7. shaq Says:

    Jelly King has the
    Power Ring

  8. ΨZhengJieΨ™ Says:

    I know this is lame..

    and this is not my fame!

  9. Ng Yuzhe Says:

    Today I came in late
    just to find the principal behind the gate

  10. Lionel Lim Says:

    He is a veterinarian
    but he is also a vegetarian

  11. Jasper Phang Says:

    Students need a REST,
    To score well for a TEST.

  12. Hao En Says:

    We bought the lad from sunny Spain,
    He gets the ball and scores again.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    The detectives felt very blue
    When they couldn't find the clue

  14. Idris Says:

    Lions are wild,
    and crayons are mild.

  15. BENZ e280 Says:

    I'm thinking a couplet that rhymes,
    I'm thinking a piglet that finds,
    A nugget that shines.

  16. shaq Says:

    It is the end of the world.
    Everybody is spinning in a twirl.

  17. Hao En Says:

    His armband proved he was a red,
    You'll Never Walk Alone it said,
    Torres! Torres!

  18. shaq Says:

    Poop in your pants,
    So bite they won't, these ants.

  19. Dowyscout Says:

    sitting near the ebbing sea,
    sipping up the fragrant tea.

  20. ΨZhengJieΨ™ Says:

    I march the band

    only when they land

  21. Jia Sheng Says:

    Roaring is not my game
    I will only bring shame

    Quotes from lionel

  22. Idris Says:

    I scored well in the test,
    and won a bell as the rest.

  23. shaq Says:

    Go die
    you fly!

  24. Jurvis Tan (陈思骏) Says:

    Abilash had a brawl
    and ended up crawling

  25. Darryl (Barrel) ^.^ Says:

    Playing computer games,
    is my game!

  26. shaq Says:

    Flying dove
    over the grove.

  27. Jia Sheng Says:

    Abilash got kick
    And got bitten by a tick

    Good One Abilash

  28. Teoh Yun Says:

    Full rhyme: It might be for your sake'
    But please don't eat my cake

    Half rhyme(dedicated to Shamemi): Who is sitting beside me, the person is called Shamemi

  29. jaime Says:

    For students who laze
    homework is a haze

  30. Jasper Phang Says:

    Jia Sheng is good in art,
    So he is smart!!!

  31. Lincoln Chu Mesina Says:

    Oh my God!
    Here comes the Dog!

  32. shaq Says:

    Do the congo!
    It will beat playing the bongo.

  33. Lionel Lim Says:

    Little dog,
    Crossing street.
    Motor cars,
    sausage meat.

  34. Ng Yuzhe Says:

    I am a lion hear me roar
    but when I am happy, see me soar but everyone know that I like to roar

    Quotes from lionel

  35. Dowyscout Says:

    Mommy mommy, I want to go home!
    Apprehensive words I'll say when we go Rome!
    Oh please, mommy, you're hair I will comb!

  36. BlackKarant Inc™ Says:

    Abilash and Gladys had a date
    I believe its their fate.

  37. Idris Says:

    wanna succeed?
    do some good-deed.

  38. Darryl (Barrel) ^.^ Says:

    there was once a boy called darryl,
    he would live in a barrel!

  39. ΨZhengJieΨ™ Says:

    Eating toxic waste
    gives you a fat waist

  40. ~Tay Pei Shan~ Says:

    I though I could fly FEARLESSLY
    but I ended up doing it quite timidly.

  41. priyanka Says:

    Lets make
    a thing which rub off your plaque

  42. Jia Sheng Says:

    Jasper loves jumping
    but not bumping

  43. shaq Says:

    In the alps is the cougar,
    In the jungle is the jaguar.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Singapore is green ,
    where everywhere is clean

  45. ΨZhengJieΨ™ Says:

    Shou has food too good for the loot

  46. BENZ e280 Says:

    Apple is healthy to eat,
    People are friendly,
    But pimples are annoying.

  47. Idris Says:

    Learn bio,
    and go mio....

  48. Lionel Lim Says:

    Now this is the end,
    let us be friends.

  49. Jia Sheng Says:

    In the ion
    live a lion

    For lionel

  50. Idris Says:

    Abilash loves jumping
    but not pumping

  51. Yi Lin Says:

    Full rhyme:

    I had my brunch
    instead of my lunch

    Half rhyme:
    I felt so full
    after I ate my food

  52. BENZ e280 Says:

    Abilash polished his Lamborghini but it was soon abolished.

  53. Nah Hui Kang,Christopher Says:

    When we think of poems that are cool
    We always think of our school

    When we see Mr Lam
    We always also see Mr Dennis Lam

    When we see Mr Low
    He's always says no

    When we see Mr Johari and Miss Loh
    They always farmville-plow

    When we say Miss Seah
    We always mistaken for Miss Hia

    When we see Mr Glenn Wong
    We always remember Mr Geraint Wong

    Think back of school
    its still so cool!

    -Christopher Nah

  54. ~Tay Pei Shan~ Says:

    I'm your genie
    imported from guinea.
    (half rhyme)

  55. Anonymous Says:

    The sun shines in the sky
    Where the birds fly

  56. Lionel Lim Says:

    Hi! i am Abilash!
    And I like to flush!

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