[Yi Lin] - [Show and not tell]

8. The music was so nice.

The music flooded my ears, making me indulge in it. It was marvelous, and everyone was captivated by how the violinist played it. I soon found myself standing at the front of the crowd, listening closely to the wonderful piece of music, while the whole place is in complete silent.
I closed my eyes for more concentration. It sounded as if it was a lullaby, making me feel a bit comfortable, as if I was at home. As the recital ended, the audience applauded for him and he bowed. As he walked down the stage, I looked at him in awe and fascination, thinking how nice it would be to be able to play the violin so beautifully like he did.

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  1. lis Says:

    Good showing of the recital and your involvement. Apt showing of your personal thought. Keep it up !

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