Summative Assessment Term 2: Pitching together

Today is the final step of your summative assessment.

For the first 10 minutes: do peer checking.
(I've spotted many grammatical errors and wrong ways of doing your captions)

For the next 20 minutes: collaborate as a group to paste your information on Glogster.
(It can be quite tricky; use your creativity and imagination.)

At the end of 30 minutes: submit your group's glogster URL via post comments.

5 Response to "Summative Assessment Term 2: Pitching together"

  1. lis Says:

    Post your glogster URL here...

  2. Jia Sheng Says:

  3. Idris Says:

  4. jaime Says:

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Done by: Su En, Teoh Yun, Shamemi, Pei Shan & Carisa

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