KJ Shakti (Show not Tell)

  Looking straight ahead, I stared in awe at the endless tunnel of food. The two tables were filled with food of many different hues that glistened because of the generous servings of golden oil, honey or caramel. From red hot sambal fish to clear and pure chicken soup and from rich chocolate fondue fountains to multi-colored dollops of ice-cream. There were food items from every ethnicity and category. The mixed smells from each food item infiltrated my nostrils and made think of food and only food. My tummy was grumbling for tasty, scrumptious food items of every kind and my teeth were just waiting to sink into a delicious chunk of meat. This really was a food wonderland that only real food lovers could enjoy.

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  1. lis Says:

    You have painted a realistic picture of a sumptuous spread. Excellent use of descriptive phrases. Good job, keep it up !

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