Benz (Show and not Tell)

John was strolling through a busy and crowded shop houses during the evening. At that particular period, the throng gradually increased. The street lamps were shining brightly, incessant tides of population were rushing through the pathway. As John desperately shoved the tumultuous sea of human away from him, he felt he was claustrophobic and started to panic frantically. Will I ever get out of this crowd? He thought in exasperation. He could thought about how nice if he could have the power to shift the 'sea' away from him like the Greek god, Poseidon. At last, he finally got out of the rowdy crowd. "Thank GOD!" He blurted out intentionally, as he began to dawdle back to his nearby home.     

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  1. lis Says:

    Good showing of the crowd and the emotions of the protagonist. You have used simile aptly as well. Keep it up!

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