Jasper [Show and not Tell]

[The table was filled with nice dishes]

Once I stepped into the buffet room, it indeed felt heavenly. Mountains of mouth-watering food of different forms got me salivating. The appealing plates of appetizer caught my eyes. I rushed forward to grab some cold and crunchy fresh salad, I then sat down and gobbled down the plate of salad all in one go.

Next, I went to look for something that would warm my stomach a little. All my hopes went to the main course, a peppery pot of Mushroom soup, which drawn my soul in. I gulped down two straight bowls of piping hot Mushroom soup which actually warmed my stomach quite a lot. That was unexpected.

Next was of course, the main course. I was stuck when I was supposed to choose the juicy beef steak or the delectable lamb chop. I then chose the juicy beef steak, as the beef steak contained some moist that I would prefer.

Lastly the sweetest and tastiest of all- the dessert. A spread of desserts were provided. There were cheesecakes, brownies, ice-creams, chocolates and many others like puddings. The look of all the sweetened desserts made me feel like on the top of the world, in my dreams where food were marvelous.

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  1. lis Says:

    Good use of adjectives to describe the food. Keep it up! Try to use short sentences. Many apt descriptions about feelings towards food.

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