Goh Jia Sheng [ Show and Not Tell]

(He was fat and heavy.)
From the corridor,we could hear heavy foot steps.'THUMP''THUMP' It started to get louder.Those who were mentally weak, would feel scared and they would shiver with fear.The suspense was giving everyone the chill as it was everyone's first day in school.It got louder and louder.Then, I heard another sound together with the thumping sound. It sounded like something 'big' was circling, making sounds like 'Boing...Boing' and it continued.Instantly, it started to get nearer and louder.I took a peek just to see that there was a fat and heavy teacher standing outside,looking down at me.

3 Response to "Goh Jia Sheng [ Show and Not Tell]"

  1. lis Says:

    Interesting and definitely has a comical impact. Avoid long sentences, keep to short sentences. Keeo it up!

  2. Kelvin Ong Says:

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  3. Nah Hui Kang,Christopher Says:

    Dear Miss Lim,

    Do we need to mention the gender of the person? As question 5 is 'He was fat and heavy' but Jia Sheng did not mention his gender?
    We do not need to right?

    Thank you,
    Christopher Nah

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