Su En [Show and Tell ]

Scenario : My mother shouted at me to sit down.

She stared at me with her eyes piercing right through me, while I dragged my feet towards the dining table. I was watching my favourite anime,  halfway when mom came in, ordering me out of my room and to the dining room. It hit me, something was wrong. I immediately recalled to what I had done the last few days. Why is the atmosphere so weird? Is this meeting about me? What happened? What did I do wrong now?

Making no attempt to control her emotions, she pointed at the only chair that was left around the dining table.
"Sit, and don't ask any questions." She snapped. I froze, my annoyance replaced with shock. In my head, puzzles were getting more puzzling, mazes ended with a common dead end and then a question mark.

"SIT!" She shouted, with a deadly glare. Her shout rang in my ears for a few seconds, I mentally reminded myself to check my ears for any damage of the ear drums. I glanced innocently around the table. "My whole family was there: including my half awake father and my older brother blasting his music on top volume through his new iPod and headphones.

"What..." I started, demanding an explanation for this sudden and absurd meeting here in the dining room while I was watching the most amazing show ever created.

That triggered her immediately, and in a millisecond, all the emotions that were being bottled within her burst like a volcano erupting. Fast, hot and fury. Her face turned into one of anger and believe me, if her hair could fly up like the ones in anime, it would. There was no need for words. I sprinted as fast as I could for the chair and sat down, my hair flopping on my shoulder. I timidly peeked up to observe the situation only to see my mother's serious face.

"SLAM!" the fist went down on the table.

 "Oh boy," I thought. "There goes the signal for another heart battering family meeting..." I took a deep breath and gulped.

-- Su En

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  1. lis Says:

    Good pacing of actions and showing of your mother's anger at each stage. Remember to paragraph your actions accordingly. Keep it up !

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