Carisa Chan (Show Not Tell)

She was scared when she opened the result slip.

Sarah's heart was palpitating as the teacher called for the students to collect their result slips. Her mind was blank and she did not know what she should be expecting. She was kept in suspense from the moment she stepped into class. Everyone was squirming in their seats and she was no exception. Her heart was racing a mile and she felt as if it was in her mouth. She was a nervous wreck as she watched her classmates one by one going up to the front to collect their result slips. There were butterflies in her stomach and she felt bouts of jitters. She had not done well for the previous test and she was not the least confident this time round. She was on tenterhooks as her turn was nearing. Her name was finally called out by the teacher. She staggered to the front to collect her result slip and went back to her seat. The voice in her mind was echoing through her head. "Should I open it or should I not?" She was hesitant and reluctant. Finally, after debating with herself for a long time, she mustered her courage and decided to open her result slip.

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  1. lis Says:

    Well done !!! Good showing of emotions and description of her personal thoughts. Keep it up!

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