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Fact versus Opinion

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The Photographer's Craft

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Narrative Writing - Creating Settings

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Vocabulary (It's not so hard!)

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Let's rhyme

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Sound Poem


Instruction: Write a poem which concentrates on describing the sounds of a particular action, event or scene.

If you cannot think of a subject, use one of the following.

1)     A factory
2)     A fire
3)     A quiet room
4)     Examination hall
5)     A waterfall
6)     A jungle
7)     A noisy hawker

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What's poetry?

1) What's poetry?
2) Why do we study poetry?

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Summative Assessment Term 2: Pitching together

Today is the final step of your summative assessment.

For the first 10 minutes: do peer checking.
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For the next 20 minutes: collaborate as a group to paste your information on Glogster.
(It can be quite tricky; use your creativity and imagination.)

At the end of 30 minutes: submit your group's glogster URL via post comments.

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Rest well and study hard for all subjects.

All the best for your examination on Monday and Tuesday.

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Aardvark and Anteater

Aardvark and Anteater Ans-1

Mayan Civilisation: Comprehension Answer

102 105 Answer Key Mayan Civilization Unit 3 Compre Practice

English Resources: Revision for Personal Recount

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Write About a Time When You experienced extreme grief

An Unexpected Success                                                            

Show But Not Tell -- Jurvis Tan


(He pushed his way through the crowd)

Leslie was frantically searching for his father, pushing his way through the crowd. He was trying to get a glimpse of his mom's back. No matter how he struggled from left to right and right to left, he failed to catch the  sight of his mother. No matter how he squeezed himself through the hustle and bustle, he did not get to see her. It was getting tensed, Leslie started to panic.

Goh Jia Sheng [ Show and Not Tell]

(He was fat and heavy.)
From the corridor,we could hear heavy foot steps.'THUMP''THUMP' It started to get louder.Those who were mentally weak, would feel scared and they would shiver with fear.The suspense was giving everyone the chill as it was everyone's first day in school.It got louder and louder.Then, I heard another sound together with the thumping sound. It sounded like something 'big' was circling, making sounds like 'Boing...Boing' and it continued.Instantly, it started to get nearer and louder.I took a peek just to see that there was a fat and heavy teacher standing outside,looking down at me.

Jasper [Show and not Tell]

[The table was filled with nice dishes]

Once I stepped into the buffet room, it indeed felt heavenly. Mountains of mouth-watering food of different forms got me salivating. The appealing plates of appetizer caught my eyes. I rushed forward to grab some cold and crunchy fresh salad, I then sat down and gobbled down the plate of salad all in one go.

Next, I went to look for something that would warm my stomach a little. All my hopes went to the main course, a peppery pot of Mushroom soup, which drawn my soul in. I gulped down two straight bowls of piping hot Mushroom soup which actually warmed my stomach quite a lot. That was unexpected.

Next was of course, the main course. I was stuck when I was supposed to choose the juicy beef steak or the delectable lamb chop. I then chose the juicy beef steak, as the beef steak contained some moist that I would prefer.

Lastly the sweetest and tastiest of all- the dessert. A spread of desserts were provided. There were cheesecakes, brownies, ice-creams, chocolates and many others like puddings. The look of all the sweetened desserts made me feel like on the top of the world, in my dreams where food were marvelous.

(____ and ______ )Show and Not Tell

The music was a melody of magic. It was captivating,marvelous,excellent!
 Like a fairytale come through. It flowed around the room to everyone, and they just opened their mouths wide. It was as calm as a lullaby, but also touching at the same time, the air was filled with emotions. She had just enchanted the crowd. Some even took out their handkerchiefs to wipe their tears.When she stopped, they did not clap, they did not applaud. They only stood up and bowed. It was a standing ovation.  

Carisa Chan (Show Not Tell)

She was scared when she opened the result slip.

Sarah's heart was palpitating as the teacher called for the students to collect their result slips. Her mind was blank and she did not know what she should be expecting. She was kept in suspense from the moment she stepped into class. Everyone was squirming in their seats and she was no exception. Her heart was racing a mile and she felt as if it was in her mouth. She was a nervous wreck as she watched her classmates one by one going up to the front to collect their result slips. There were butterflies in her stomach and she felt bouts of jitters. She had not done well for the previous test and she was not the least confident this time round. She was on tenterhooks as her turn was nearing. Her name was finally called out by the teacher. She staggered to the front to collect her result slip and went back to her seat. The voice in her mind was echoing through her head. "Should I open it or should I not?" She was hesitant and reluctant. Finally, after debating with herself for a long time, she mustered her courage and decided to open her result slip.

Benz (Show and not Tell)

John was strolling through a busy and crowded shop houses during the evening. At that particular period, the throng gradually increased. The street lamps were shining brightly, incessant tides of population were rushing through the pathway. As John desperately shoved the tumultuous sea of human away from him, he felt he was claustrophobic and started to panic frantically. Will I ever get out of this crowd? He thought in exasperation. He could thought about how nice if he could have the power to shift the 'sea' away from him like the Greek god, Poseidon. At last, he finally got out of the rowdy crowd. "Thank GOD!" He blurted out intentionally, as he began to dawdle back to his nearby home.     

Su En [Show and Tell ]

Scenario : My mother shouted at me to sit down.

She stared at me with her eyes piercing right through me, while I dragged my feet towards the dining table. I was watching my favourite anime,  halfway when mom came in, ordering me out of my room and to the dining room. It hit me, something was wrong. I immediately recalled to what I had done the last few days. Why is the atmosphere so weird? Is this meeting about me? What happened? What did I do wrong now?

Making no attempt to control her emotions, she pointed at the only chair that was left around the dining table.
"Sit, and don't ask any questions." She snapped. I froze, my annoyance replaced with shock. In my head, puzzles were getting more puzzling, mazes ended with a common dead end and then a question mark.

"SIT!" She shouted, with a deadly glare. Her shout rang in my ears for a few seconds, I mentally reminded myself to check my ears for any damage of the ear drums. I glanced innocently around the table. "My whole family was there: including my half awake father and my older brother blasting his music on top volume through his new iPod and headphones.

"What..." I started, demanding an explanation for this sudden and absurd meeting here in the dining room while I was watching the most amazing show ever created.

That triggered her immediately, and in a millisecond, all the emotions that were being bottled within her burst like a volcano erupting. Fast, hot and fury. Her face turned into one of anger and believe me, if her hair could fly up like the ones in anime, it would. There was no need for words. I sprinted as fast as I could for the chair and sat down, my hair flopping on my shoulder. I timidly peeked up to observe the situation only to see my mother's serious face.

"SLAM!" the fist went down on the table.

 "Oh boy," I thought. "There goes the signal for another heart battering family meeting..." I took a deep breath and gulped.

-- Su En

[Yi Lin] - [Show and not tell]

8. The music was so nice.

The music flooded my ears, making me indulge in it. It was marvelous, and everyone was captivated by how the violinist played it. I soon found myself standing at the front of the crowd, listening closely to the wonderful piece of music, while the whole place is in complete silent.
I closed my eyes for more concentration. It sounded as if it was a lullaby, making me feel a bit comfortable, as if I was at home. As the recital ended, the audience applauded for him and he bowed. As he walked down the stage, I looked at him in awe and fascination, thinking how nice it would be to be able to play the violin so beautifully like he did.

Teoh Yun (Show and not tell)

She sang poorly.

The whole hall was silent. Using her voice, she was trying to make up the tune of the song. The audience was using their hands to cover their ears. Once more, at the top of her voice, she sang even at a higher pitch than before. It was no exaggeration that her voice could break windows. 

Tay Pei Shan ( SHOW NOT TELL)

He pushed his way through the crowd.

It was the peak hour and everyone was packed like sardines in the train. John was feeling rather uncomfortable and he was sweating profusely.
 "Next stop, City Hall Interchange" The speaker announced.
 "Oh no! I'm alighting at the next stop and I'm all squashed up here" He thought to himself.
 After a while, the train arrived at his destination. He took a deep breath, and pushed his way through the crowd, saying "excuse me" all the way out. 
"Phew! I'm finally out!" He exclaimed as he walked towards the escalator.

Show and not tell (Christopher Nah) :D

Dear friends and Miss Lim,

This is my description of question 9 - The baby was crying.

There the baby was, crying thunderously. I stood there, lowering my eyelids emotionally. It was certainly a hurtful scene seeing a newborn being pulled towards the door of the pain devil for the first time in his life. He must be mentally traumatized, feeling such pain and seeing blood for the first time. The whole place was silent, showing signs of despair. I was thinking, why?

Yours sincerely,
Christopher Nah

Idris (Show and not tell)

2. The table was filled with nice dishes.

      A single glimpse is more than enough to make me mouth watery.
The steam was rising, dancing from side to side, attracting my attraction.
My eyes gleamed at the sight of those delicious and delightful dishes.
I could find all kinds of savory, sweet and juicy food, spread all around the
table. I could not believe what I saw. There was a special table with all
types of ice-cream. My limbs were out of control. They started to move
uncontrollably. The next moment, I was holding a bowl of ice-cream as
all the teachers were staring at me.

SHOW & not TELL›››Jaime ◊-◊

She was scared when she opened the result slip.
Nicole waited nervously in her chair and her heart started beating faster and faster.The teacher started calling the names of her classmates.As her friends went to collect their result slips,she saw the tears that had dwelled in their eyes.She started to get more anxious.Soon,the teacher called her name.She did not move an inch.She was afraid.    

Finally,Nicole mustered her courage and went to receive her results.Nicole took result slip from the teacher,she held it face-down on her desk.She could hear her heart pounding in her chest.She slowly flipped a corner of her result slip...

KJ Shakti (Show not Tell)

  Looking straight ahead, I stared in awe at the endless tunnel of food. The two tables were filled with food of many different hues that glistened because of the generous servings of golden oil, honey or caramel. From red hot sambal fish to clear and pure chicken soup and from rich chocolate fondue fountains to multi-colored dollops of ice-cream. There were food items from every ethnicity and category. The mixed smells from each food item infiltrated my nostrils and made think of food and only food. My tummy was grumbling for tasty, scrumptious food items of every kind and my teeth were just waiting to sink into a delicious chunk of meat. This really was a food wonderland that only real food lovers could enjoy.

Ways to punctuate (Dialogue and Thought)


Examples of good introduction and body paragraphs [Unexpected success and Failure]


Summative Assessment Term 2: Odd week (Thursday)


The Language Features of Information Report

Present tense (except historical reports)
‘General’ nouns
Written in the third person
Factual description
Technical words and phrases
Often uses formal, impersonal language

The Text Features of Information report


Information Report: Formative Assessment


Information Report: Writing Captions

Captions Are Cool

comprehension: Inference